Toine Kets

Managing Director

I am born in the Netherlands. I studied chemistry and worked as a chemist in a beer brewery in the Netherlands. During that period, I became more interested in the chemistry between people instead of the chemical elements. I decided to make a career switch and started to study social sciences (specialty human resources management) and began my HR career in Royal Philips Electronics were I worked 12 years in various management positions. During my HR-Manager position, I have been asked to lead projects in major changing processes. To get a broader experience I studied leadership and management at the Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands. After this study I was appointed as International Human Resources Manager for the business group CD/DVD. This business group had 8000 employees in around 10 locations worldwide. In that time it was a fast growing business including innovation and production. I was responsible for all locations and for design and implementing the business strategy regarding human resources. To be in front with the heavy competition I introduced new innovation methods, production methods and work processes worldwide regarding HR-issues. In 1998 I was asked to join a consultancy firm as a senior consultant. I was project leader responsible for major projects, mainly in the industry, banking and non-profit organizations that exceeded € 500.000. At the same time I was executive coach for profit and non-profit organizations. To be up-to-date with knowledge I followed trainings in REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy at the Albert Ellis institute in New York), became certified MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) trainer and followed master classes at the Nyenrode Business University (ex. John Kotter, Jim Collins, Robert Kaplan) In 2002 I became one of the founders of O.O.R. (The Order for Organization development and Result management), a network organization for very experienced consultants in the Netherlands. At O.O.R, we developed a special program for strategy development and successful implementation in companies. Because of these programs I was asked for presentations in conferences. The last mentionable is the execution of master classes coaching for (career) coaches in Belgium. In 2007 I founded Actinote International ,Srl. In contrast with traditional advisory firms (with a lot of people on the payroll) my ideal is to work only with highly skilled professionals in a network organization. In this way you can build a team with experts that are really focused on the needs of the customer. My experience is that this way of working gives the best results for the customers. We are specialized in leadership and (management) team development, coaching, reorganizing and implementing (cultural) changes. The feedback that we get from customers is that all our workshops and trainings are original, lively and are focused on implementation. I have noticed that people appreciate and really understand the concrete real life examples which I use in my workshops. I use new, sometimes unusual but proven methods. (we even work with horses to achieve our objectives). I feel responsible for the results. That means that we always follow the actions from the company and re-adjust if necessary. We want and have long lasting relationships with our customers. I use and believe in the see-> feel -> change method. In this method people are helped to see. Compelling, eye-catching “dramatic” situations are created to help others to visualize problems, solutions or progress in solving complacency, strategy, empowerment or other key projects. The visualizations provide useful ideas that hit people at a deeper level than surface thinking. They evoke a visceral response that reduces emotions that block change and enhances those that support it. The emotionally charged ideas change behavior or reinforce changed behavior. Successful see -> feel -> change tactics let see a breathtaking result. Even mature (old-fashioned, clunky or heavy) organizations take a leap into the future. Laggards start to become leaders. Leaders jump farther ahead. At this moment I work for several (multi)national companies. They are asking our support for: strategy development and implementation, leadership development, (team)coaching, reorganization and improvement of the sales force. Recent projects in Romania were: coaching of executive leaders (consultancy, retail and training companies). Team coaching (retail, pharmacy logistics and industry companies). Leadership development (construction, logistics and retail companies) and change programs (construction, logistics and pharmacy companies). Presentations regarding leadership in conferences.