Coaching & Team coaching

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Coaching helps to bend wishes and objectives, but also dissatisfaction, internal conflicts and problems into manageable things.

Coaching is meant to:
  • Develop possibilities, talents and strengths, both of the individual and the organization.
  • Enhance efficiency, pleasure and development as guiding principle. It includes abandoning ideas prompted by deficiency and failure.
  • Make the clients responsible for their life in all possible fields.
Coaching is playing an ever bigger role. Changes happen in ever more rapid successions. Hence the desire to develop ones talents and possibilities utmost. Coaching is a powerful means of guidance. Training mostly concerns skills. Coaching goes much deeper, it’s about personal development.

We believe in a short and powerful approach. Based upon an intake, our coaches elaborate a plan of maximum 4 months. After these four months, with sessions every 2/3 weeks, the results should be visible to the person concerned as well as to the entire organization.

Another means is team coaching. The principles are identical, but attention is shifted towards the cooperation within a team and reaching the goals of that team.