Catalina Hirceag


I was born in Bucharest, a city I’ve always loved for its diversity and for how surprisingly it may change, from one street to another, from one year to another. I graduated the Faculty of Philology (University of Bucharest), and the most important thing I learned there was the ability to read critically and argue in an efficient and well-structured manner. Some years later, I graduated a Master’s programme in International Business (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest) and various training courses to improve and certify my skills as a trainer and project coordinator.

I have more than 20-year experience, working both for public and private organizations, and holding various positions: teacher (high school and further studies), editor, translator and conference interpreter, assistant project manager, consultant in various projects in the field of education and training. Since 2005, my professional activities focused on education and training, and I participated in various international projects financed by EU pre- and post-accession funds, in parallel with my work as translator and interpreter. This helped me acquire experience in EU-funded projects management, development and implementation, develop my teamwork skills and capacity to cooperate to reach common objectives, to adapt quickly to various working contexts, to work effectively in a multicultural international environment.

If I were to define myself in one word, it would be curiosity, driven by a wish to understand.