Strategy development

The past few years organizations made work of the improvement of internal processes. Increasing efficiency, reorganization and cost reduction were hot topics. We see that organizations nowadays are more concerned about the development of their vision and the corresponding strategy. The reason is simple. You need to compete with intangible things like services and customer satisfaction. That means that the employees make the difference. And that requires for them a thorough understanding of the way a company wants to do their business. Related questions are: What is our goal?, Who do we want to be and what are our unique qualities? These questions ask for a vision. A vision that commits people and provides direction and energy.

A recent research in Europe revealed that top managers are in need of a clear vision:
  • 75% of the managers questioned answered that the time was ripe to develop a clear vision
  • 72% of the managers misses an inspiring vision
  • 80% recognizes the practical benefit of a vision
  • 11% doesn’t see the practical benefits and
  • 5% said the benefits depend on the situation
A large number of managers is even convinced that the future success of the organization will depend more on skills like leadership, communication and vision than on the “hard” factors.

When you look at the above percentages: What is your position right now? And where do you want to head for in the near future? We have vast experience in the development of vision and strategy and their implementation. We look from your perspective and vision to the process that we consider to be the most appropriate for you. We make the vision and strategy practical and easy to implement. In our workshops we show a lot of examples of organizations that are successful mainly thanks to their strong vision. And we help our clients to develop the same.